Mana Property Management will be late in the morning! Help us say goodnight to cancer with Vodafone DreamLab (via

Tomorrow morning, 18-5-18 Mana Property Management’s team is proud to announce we will be late to work.

Support Cancer Research with Vodafone’s DreamLab.

The team have all agreed that we wish to support the DreamLab initiative and will, therefore, be having a lie in tomorrow so our mobile devices can do their bit to support cancer research by donating processing power to the great minds who are continuing to fight for ways to reduce Cancers effects on our communities.

Feel free to follow suit and support this great cause here and if you need our help with anything tomorrow we will be in at 10 am.

Thanks for your continued support of Cancer Research and of the team at Mana and we hope you can share this message, and participate with as many of your friends who have also been touched by the work of the Cancer Research community. See you after 10 am 😉

Download the DreamLab app and help cancer research while you sleep. Get your team on board for National Sleep-in Day on Friday 18 May, 2018.



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