Frequently Asked Questions

house.jpgPlease browse through the FAQs below to find the answers to your questions, if your question remains unanswered, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. Similarily, if you believe we should have specific information listed, please let us know.


Q.  How much does it cost to get into the property?
A.  Four weeks bond (some of which may be able to be paid off), one weeks letting fee + gst and the first weeks rent payment in advance 

Q.  Can I view the property after work or in the weekends?
A.  Absolutely, we are available to show you through the property when it suits your schedule

Q.  Why do fixed term tenancies end in the summer?
A.  Otago and especially Dunedin mainly runs on fixed term tenancies and the peak season for non student properties is January / February each year.  Ending a tenancy at this time makes good sense for both the tenant who will have the best choice of properties to choose from and the landlord for the best choice of tenants.

Q.  I am in a fixed term tenancy but I need to get out, what can I do to get out of my tenancy?
A.  We can help you find tenants to take over your tenancy.  We ask you to pay for any costs associated with finding these tenants including advertising and the success rate of advertising through us will be higher than if you advertised the property yourself due to the number of enquiries that come via our website, facebook and other media.  Contact us to discuss your situation

Q.  We are students and are looking for a property for next year.  Is this property available then?
A.  Most properties are available now and landlords can not afford to have a property empty, not earning rent for months at a time, however the date available is shown on each property so you can narrow down the choices.  If you are looking for a property outside the typical student areas then it is unlikely that they will be advertised more than one to two months before they are ready to rent.