Schedule of Fees

house.jpgThe team at Mana Property Management take pride in providing an extensive range and level of services while helping the owner maximise their own profits within their property business. 

Our charge to owners

Start of tenancy fee                           $60 + GST

This covers:
  • Taking advertising photos
  • Organising the advertising (owner external advertising costs e.g. Trade Me)
  • Taking enquiries via our website, Trade Me, email and telephone
  • Booking viewings
  • Attending viewings and being positive ambassadors for the property
  • Credit checks (up to two)
  • Putting a tenancy agreement in place 

Management fee                                 8.5% + GST

This covers:

  • Collecting rent into a separate client funds account
  • Following a process when rent does not come in when expected including communication and breach notices
  • Enforcing the RTA on behalf of the landlord for instance liaising with the Council and taking action over noise complaints
  • Maintenance plans
  • Owner portal
  • Our access to specialist legal advice
  • Access to REAL Landlord insurance (only available via a property manager)
  • Time not fully covered by maintenance fee and inspection fees as these are priced well below the amount of time we spend on them. We are very comprehensive with our inspections.
  • Managing keys
  • Emergency phone for tenants to call out of hours
  • Handling tenant enquiries
  • Preparation for and attendance at mediation and tribunal hearings

Maintenance and renovations              8.5% + GST

This covers:
  • Access to our preferred contractors, monitoring of their H&S management plan, public indemnity insurance and registration/qualifications
  • Arranging quotes
  • Liaising with you throughout
  • Instructing contractors
  • Arranging access, if necessary
  • Processing and paying invoices
  • If you choose to pay for maintenance and renovations using your rent, we can arrange to hold back an amount each month to “save up” for it
The fee on large renovation projects may be negotiated prior to work commencing

Property expenses                             5% + GST

This covers:
  • Expenses paid for by us on the owners’ behalf such as insurance, council rates etc

Inspections                                       $50 + GST, $110 + GST for furnished

This covers:
  • Performed quarterly to comply with the requirements of most insurers
The first inspection is a “check-in” inspection, the last is a “check-out’ inspection. These are doubled up if there are back to back tenancies and the fee only charged once.

Other Services

  • Rental appraisal (where we do not manage the property)                                                         $50 + GST
  • Credit checks if more than two are required, or if they are required throughout the tenancy   $30 + GST
  • Tenant re-signs for another term - admin charge                                                                   $60 + GST
  • Video tours for advertising the property                                                                                  $75 + GST
  • Trade Me advertising (Actual Trade Me cost)                                                                           $86.09 -$164.35 + GST
  • Other ad hoc activities                                                                                                            $50 per hour or part thereof
    (attendance at body corp meetings on an owner’s behalf, helping prepare insurance claims etc)

Other charges to tenants

This covers:
  • Tenancy Set Up                           One weeks rent + GST
 Selection based on merit, processing of application, background checking, reference checking, personal viewing appointments, tenancy sign up, new home introduction and welcome pack etc