We are Experts in Property Management



tick2.png Locally owned and experienced

We manage and invest in property locally so that we keep up with the latest in values, rents, trends and competition

tick2.png We are available whenever you or the tenants need us

We do not close for the weekends, in fact we can be contacted 24/7 and we aim to deal with all queries immediately so that both our landlords and tenants remain satisfied

tick2.png Property investing is our main focus

Often property management companies are found tagged onto other businesses like real estate agencies as a secondary operation. We are independent Property Managers and this IS our business. This allows us to focus on the management with all of our resources.

tick2.png Our rates are competitive

We focus on maximising profits for the landlord while ensuring the properties are well maintained so that we can continue to attract the highest calibre of tenants. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide and the thoroughness of our operation. We look at the big picture and understand we are all investing for the financial rewards!

tick2.png We use the most up to date processes and technologies available

We maximise your returns and minimise your involvement and stress by researching and adopting the latest processes, procedures and use of technology.  Examples include Video advertising, detailed inspections with plenty of colour photos, Video inspections, and the latest statistal information for you on how your property is comparing in the rental market.  We understand the importance in efficient and modern management and we are at the forefront in our industry to benefit you as the property owner.

tick2.png We don’t charge for those 5 minute on site running repairs

While managing properties, we have found that the little jobs like a tripped fuse, loose screws, tap washer, leaking pipe joint, towel rail coming off the wall (in fact the list is endless) can be simple tasks that can be attended to there and then or like the fuse, over the phone. However many property managers call out a tradesman which can cost you the landlord $50 or more unnecessarily. Talk to us about how we can save you those costs.

tick2.png Detailed property inspections keep you up to date

Our property inspections are extensive.  We provide detailed information on how the tenants are looking after the property and keep you informed on maintenance undertaken and required.  Our inspections include a good selection of colour photos to help keep you fully informed.  We can also provide Video inspections when required.

tick2.png Free written rental appraisals are available

We will provide written rental appraisals for lending establishments free of charge to our clients. We will also meet landlords on site to discuss appropriate rentals.


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