Frequently Asked Questions

house.jpgPlease browse through the FAQs below to find the answers to your questions, if your question remains unanswered, please contact us and we will be happy to help. The team at Mana Property Management will continue to update these FAQs with the most common questions we are asked.


Q.  What would you charge to manage my properties?
A.  There are some variations to our charges depending on where the property is situated, residential or student and if you were attending to your own maintenance.  Check out our price list or contact us to discuss your individual needs

Q.  How often do you pay over the rent to us?
A.  On the first bank day of each month, a detailed statement is e-mailed to you and the net rent is deposited into your account.  Monthly payments minimise an owners bank fees, accounting costs and requirements and mortgage payments can usually be set up to be paid monthly to coincide with your rental income. 

Q.  How will Mana help me at year end with my accounting requirements?
A.  Straight after the tax year ends on the 31st March, you will receive your usualy March statement and payment and additionally a year end statement showing all income received and expenses incurred for the year split into the accounting categories.  This information minimises the workload your accountant needs to do to prepare your accounts, thereby minimising the costs you incur.  We can also set up to two people to receive your statements so both yourself and your accountant can automatically receive them each month and year end.  This again saves time and expenses for you.

Q.  Why do fixed term tenancies end in the summer?
A.  Otago and especially Dunedin mainly runs on fixed term tenancies and the peak season for non student properties is January / February each year.  Ending a tenancy at this time makes good sense for both the tenant who will have the best choice of properties to choose from and the landlord for the best choice of tenants.