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house.jpg Mana Property Management operates in quality, above average houses to rent in Dunedin, with a philosophy of “Discerning Landlords, Superior Properties & Quality Tenants”. Mana Property Management is owned by investors, who work for the benefit of both owners and tenants in providing quality houses to rent in Dunedin and the wider Otago area. The founders, Tania & Kyle Elmer, are heavily involved in the Otago rental property industry.

LPMNZ_logo.jpgMana Property Management are members of the LPMNZ (Leading Property Managers of New Zealand) giving owners the peace of mind that their rental property is being managed to the highest levels, standards and ethics. Mana Property Management is also a member of the OPIA (Otago Property Investors Association) and NZPIF (New Zealand Property Investors Federation), therefore keeping current with the market in Dunedin, Otago and New Zealand on a regular basis. More info >>

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Gigatown helps in Dunedin property manager win

Posted on October 31, 2016 by Kyle

We are really proud to be one of the first in property management to use the Dunedin Gigatown win to continue to improve how we can help our clients and tenants Read on here how the local media reported our Senior Property Manger Matt's win

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Polytech partnership expands its online ofering in Gig city Dunedin

Posted on May 24, 2016 by Kyle

Reports in the ODT have shown how the Otago Polytech have been expanding into the growing online education market to fill a gap in there offering to students not able or willing to do on campus studies. Although this may be seen as a possible issue for landlords the benefits that could assist them are that the polytech see the initiative creating up to 250 new jobs involved with running and producing new content for the new courses......

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